Frequently asked questions

Why is second home property management important?

Second home property management provides you with a piece of mind while you are away from your property. Second home service providers send trusted professionals into and around your property at a specified frequency to inspect your property for possible problems. You will receive an inspection report indicating the date and time of the inspection. We will detail the inspection results with photos and comments on practically every square inch of your property. If a problem is discovered, the second home property management team can present solutions and work with service providers to develop an efficient, cost-effective solution. By performing regular inspections of the home's interior and exterior, second home property managers can identify potential issues before they become major expensive problems. The most important benefit of having second home service is the peace of mind it will bring you while you are away and will let you enjoy the property while you are there.

How much do non-rental property management companies charge?

A non-rental property management service agreement begins with a complete understanding of the property owner's goals and needs. The property manager will need to determine the property's size, square footage of the home, and inventory of the property's infrastructure. The property owner will need to describe the approximate schedule for occupying the home. Together, the manager and homeowner will determine an appropriate frequency for inspection while the owner is away. Home watch plans are priced based on the decisions gained in these initial discussions. Typically, payment is made on either a monthly or quarterly basis. Should the property owner decide to take advantage of arrival and departure services, the property manager will help determine the work scope and provide a cost per visit for the services requested. Simultaneously, the manager can estimate other requirements on a case-by-case basis, so there are no surprises. The beauty of non-rental property management services is that the services and costs can be tailored to the property owner's needs; instead of using a cookie-cutter approach to fees. On top of that, the service level and the overall management cost can fluctuate to meet the property owner's current and future needs. Allowing the property owner to only pay for the work and tasks that they desire and is not locked into an all-inclusive plan that inevitably leaves the property owner scratching their head about what they are paying for.

What is a non-rental property management company?

Many second homeowners contemplate renting their property while they are away. This can create some income for the property owner, which can help balance the cost of owning a second home. Vermont is flooded with property management companies that can rent your home and provide you with outstanding rental property management services. However, renting your home is not for everyone. Some folks learn this the hard way. Once you decide that you do not want random people living in your home while you are away, and you also learn that the property management company chews up a significant portion of the rental income, you may decide to leave the home vacant while you are away. When it comes to your dream vacation home, you shouldn't have to stress about the little things or worry about the property while you are away. Non-rental property management can bring you peace of mind knowing that your property is cared for in your absence. They can perform regular inspections of the interior and exterior of the property regularly. This will allow them to catch small issues and help you deal with them before they become huge problems. Non-rental property managers can be your single point of contact for all services provided at your home. You get to deal with one person, and they will manage all of the other services provides like contractors, landscapers, cleaners, snowplow, trash, etc. The property manager can also prepare your home for your arrival and close the property when you leave. You will get the most out of your property while you are there, and you will have peace of mind knowing that the manager is inspecting the property while you are away.

We have a neighborhood watch program, doesn't that do the same thing as a home watch plan?

Most neighborhood watch plans do not provide thorough, comprehensive, and regular inspections of your home's interior and exterior. They are passive by nature and tend to be reactive instead of proactive. Second home service companies are proactive and provide you with peace of mind knowing that someone is inspecting your property and providing a thorough inspection report detailing the inspection findings. If some small or large issue is identified, you will know about it right away, and your property manager will help you overcome the challenge and eliminate the risk or danger to your investment.

What type of communication should I expect from a non-rental property manager?

Your second home non-rental property manager will be your single point of contact for your property, rather than making dozens of calls. They will deal with all the other service providers like landscapers, contractors, cleaners, trash companies, etc. They will also provide you with a written inspection report with photos and comments identifying your home's interior and exterior conditions. Communication via email, phone, text, Zoom, teams, in-person is the key to a successful relationship with your trusted second home property management partner. Using continuous and comprehensive communication, you will have peace of mind when you are away from your property. All of the stress and annoyance of maintaining your property will be dealt with while enjoying your property. Continuous communication and presence at your home by a trusted partner takes the stress of owning a second home.

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