Vermont Property Management Companies vs. Second Home Property Management Companies

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

What is the Difference Between Second Home Property Management Companies and Property Management Companies


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Not all property management companies are the same. Traditional property management companies focus all of their attention on creating rental income.

They work with the property owners to fill the home with renters while they are away, create a little income for the homeowner, and a lot of income for themselves.

Renting your home inevitably leads to wear and tear on the property and can degrade the "home" feel when you finally get a free weekend to enjoy it. If you are interested in renting your second home, dozens of property management companies can help you with this.

Many second homeowners are in a position to own the property without needing the property to create income. Some second homeowners rent their properties for some time and then learn that they do not want to rent the property for many reasons. Traditional property management companies are not well suited to serve these folks.

These property owners need a trusted partner to prepare the home for all four seasons, perform regular inspections to stop minor issues from becoming big problems, and manage all the service providers.

Non-rental, second home property management businesses are uniquely qualified and structured to provide these services as that is their business's primary goal and function.

Your vacation home in Vermont is more than just an investment or a piece of real estate. It is a home, a place to make memories, or even a place to escape from the City hustle. Owning a second home or vacation home can bring joy and relaxation to your family.

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Peace of Mind with Your Property Management Company

There is a certain amount of risk and anxiety that accompanies the joy of owning a second home. Vermont is a harsh climate to own real estate, even if you are present 365 days a year. Leaving for an extended period, or even a short period, can be problematic.

Nearly every season brings different challenges, which can create a significant risk to real estate investment. Anxiety over not knowing if a sink is leaking, mold is growing, if a pipe is frozen. Even small issues like a pest infestation or a surface water issue can eventually create significant harm to the property.

From out of State, you watch the news and see that a storm went through the area, and you wonder- was my property damaged? The anxiety of opening the front door for the first time in weeks or months, praying that the investment is intact and ready for your use.

That moment you crack open the front door and see water, pests, collapsed ceiling. You wonder-why am I doing this? This property creates too much stress, anxiety, and unwanted work. I spent all this money and time, and now I can't enjoy this investment or relax.

I finally had a chance to get away from work, drove/flew to Vermont, ready to get R&R, and I find this huge mess and problem.

Second home property management service can minimize and mitigate these risks and anxieties. Second-home service helps prevent small issues from becoming huge problems.

Routine inspections bring a regular presence to the property, which can deter intruders.

You purchased this property to enjoy it. Second home property management service will bring you peace of mind while you are away and allow you to enjoy the property while you are there entirely.

Second home property management service can also provide ancillary services that can make your stay even more enjoyable. Preparing the home for your arrival and closing the property when you leave. Second home service can provide you with the opportunity to show up, start enjoying immediately, and then continue to enjoy through the last sunset.

Second home property management service can also provide specialty services, including concierge service, tips on enjoying Vermont's recreation, insider information on trails, golf courses, bike paths, fishing charters, etc.

Second home property management service can deal with all contractors, trash service, marina, snowplow providers, landscapers, etc. so you only have one single point of contact.

A single point of contact makes your life easy and removes the frustration and complication of dealing with all service providers.

Your time is valuable. Build a trusting relationship with a second home service partner to provide property management support and be your eyes and ears protecting your investment.

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