Property Management Burlington VT

Top Property Management Companies in Burlington, VT

  • No-stress long-distance property management in Burlington, Vermont.
    We take the hassle and stress out of long-distance property management for your second home, allowing you to reap the rewards of second home ownership without all the worries.

  • Meticulous maintenance. Rest assured, your Burlington, VT property will be meticulously maintained and look as if you are still living there.

  • Personalized service: Personalized service and timely communication mean you always know whom to talk to and you get a quick response.

Home inspections include the following at a minimum
  • Photographic documentation and inspection report provided at an interval of your choosing

  • Inspection of your home for issues like water leaks, frozen pipes, storm damage, vandalism, mold, and infestations

  • Check every room of your home for signs of moisture, infestation, or forced entry

  • Presence at the home while you are away

  • Ensure that the heat/AC is functioning

  • Check the status of the thermostat and confirm proper building temperature

  • Test status of alarm and security system

  • Inspect the status of all appliances

  • Run all plumbing fixtures to check for leaks or blockages, keep seals fresh, and to prevent mold

  • Replace batteries in smoke alarms, thermostats, security systems, etc.

  • Inspection of electrical breaker panel and resetting of tripped breakers when necessary

  • Inspection of the attic and unfinished spaces for signs of moisture and/or infestations

  • Watering plants

  • Test all interior and exterior lights, replace bulbs if desired

  • Package deliveries and mail pickup moved from exterior to the interior of the home as needed

  • Starting and running existing motorized vehicles periodically

  • Eliminate wasp or hornets nests surrounding your home

  • Inspect the property for drainage or erosion issues

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