Second Home Property Management

Second Home Property Management Plans

Heath Second Home Services provides property management service to non-rental and vacation homeowners. We give you peace of mind knowing that you have a trusted partner caring for your home during all four seasons. Each season in Vermont brings special challenges to the homeowner, and we are here to assist you in preparing for those challenges and providing a watchful eye on your home.

As part of our Home Watch Plans, Heath Second Home Services conducts home wellness inspections at an interval of your choice. By performing regular inspections of your home, we are able to recognize small issues before they become costly problems. For each visit to your home, we will conduct a thorough and comprehensive inspection completing an extensive checklist of both the interior and exterior of your home's infrastructure. Upon completion of the inspection, we will prepare an inspection report documenting the condition and outlining any concerns or actions needed to maintain your home properly. The inspection report will also include photographic documentation of exterior and interior portions of your home.


second home property management

Home property inspections:

  • Photographic documentation and inspection report provided at an interval of your choosing

  • Inspection of your home for issues like water leaks, frozen pipes, storm damage, vandalism, mold, and infestations

  • Check every room of your home for signs of moisture, infestation, or forced entry

  • Presence at the home while you are away

  • Ensure that the heat/AC is functioning

  • Check status of thermostat and confirm proper building temperature

  • Test status of alarm and security system

  • Inspect status of all appliances

  • Run all plumbing fixtures to check for leaks or blockages, keep seals fresh, and to prevent mold

  • Replace batteries in smoke alarms, thermostats, security systems, etc.

  • Inspection of electrical breaker panel and resetting of tripped breakers when necessary

  • Inspection of attic and unfinished spaces for signs of moisture and/or infestations

  • Watering plants

  • Test all interior and exterior lights, replace bulbs if desired

  • Package deliveries and mail pickup moved from exterior to interior of home as needed

  • Starting and running existing motorized vehicles periodically

  • Eliminate wasp or hornets nests surrounding your home

  • Inspect property for drainage or erosion issues


Vendor Property Management for Your Second Home in Vermont

Our property management vendor service takes the headache out of serching for the right contractor. Every property requires regular and periodic maintenance, repairs, and improvements. We can assist you with these processes by providing complete or partial services as needed. We have established relationships with local contractors and can assist you in procurement, management, and inspection of third party services. Instead of dealing with several service providers, allow us to be your single point of contact; we will handle all of the coordination.

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